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This website has been created by the Party's Federal People Development Committee as a way to help members find groups to engage with in the Liberal Democrats. You will find links here to lots of different kinds of groups. Some are organisations that you formally join and need to pay an extra fee, but most are online groups where Lib Dem members (and sometimes supporters) can join together to discuss topics and arrange events.

If you're thinking of starting a group yourself, either online or offline, it's a good idea to check here first to see if there's already any groups covering that topic.

We hope you find this site useful. If you would like to add details about a group you run that's to do with the Liberal Democrats you can add a listing or if you have any comments about this site, please email us.

Special thanks to Prater Raines website providers who helped us bring this site to life by designing and hosting the Directory for us.

Thank you for visiting the Directory today!

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